Annual Tea

Although we all know Jane Austen's birthday is on December 16 (common knowledge is it not?), the Calgary Regional group holds its birthday celebration in January, when we can all appreciate a party and some good cheer in the face of our cold prairie winters.

To honour Jane we celebrate a delightful gathering including refreshments and afternoon tea, fun and scholarly talks, a dance presentation featuring the Regency Dance Group Sprigged Muslin, games, and more.



Birthday Tea for Jane Austen - 2019 January 19

We all enjoyed tea, sandwiches, and cake while conversing with friends. The "Bring and Buy" enticed many to contribute and to receive.

Queen and Quiet

Calgary's improve group The Kinkonauts created an original Jane Austen period play for tea drinkers, oddly entitled Queen and Quiet.

Regency Dance

Our Regency dance group, Sprigged Muslin, demonstrated three dances and called for all to join in the Durham Reel.

Picnic at Box Hill - 2018 January 20

Our birthday tea to honour Jane Austen was filled with laughs, dancing, prizes and delicious tea comestibles. Before tea was served, guests bought raffle tickets with giddy enthusiasm. Thanks to lots of donations, everyone could choose a prize. We entertained ourselves with a Box Hill Picnic challenge. Each table had to come up with "one thing very clever ... two things moderately clever ... three things very dull indeed". Clever things included unexpected songs and poetry. But all the great laughs went to the very dull things. Naturally, every birthday tea includes dancing from Sprigged Muslin. At the end of their specially prepared dances, they swept us into a participation round dance.

You can find more Annual Teas throughout the years on our Blog

“One cannot have too large a party.  A large party secures its own amusement.”
— Mr. Weston, Emma