Members Meeting - 2008

Hanoverian Names - Nov 15 2008


On 2008 November 15, member Bob Stamp proposed that Jane Austen chose 'Hanoverian' names for LOUISA Musgrove (Persuasion), CAROLINE Bingley (Pride and Prejudice), AUGUSTA Elton (Emma), and Mary (a.k.a. AMELIA) Crawford in Mansfield Park. These less-than-stellar characters are clearly rivals of the 'English' named heroines -- ANNE Elliott, ELIZABETH Bennett, EMMA Woodhouse and FANNY Price, respectively - - rivals for the attention and affections of the male heroes in these four novels. The talk concluded with a lively question and answer session.

Also at our November meeting, Catherine Gardner shared her enjoyment of many sessions at the Chicago 2008 AGM. To find out more, link to the conference site.

What would Darcy Drive - Teapots - Sept 20 2008

On 2008 September 20 we enjoyed two speakers.

What Would Darcy Drive? 
Beatrice Nearey unravelled the mysteries of horse-drawn travel in Jane Austen's time, enlightening us about the differences between coaches, Barouche-Landaus, gigs, curricles - more than just carriages!

On Teapots 
Everyone was a tea-lover when Jeanne Worton told us about the pot that tea was steeped in. Jeanne is the president of the Edmonton JASNA Region and an avid teapot collector since 1985. She has approximately 200 teapots. 

Pursuit and Desire - May 10 2008

On 2008 May 10 Dr. David Oakleaf, Associate Professor in the English Department at the University of Calgary, entertained us with his theme of sexual pursuit in Jane Austen. The discussion questioned the balance of sexual pursuit and the desire for economic well-being.

Pride and Prejudice on Screen - March 15 2008

On 2008 March 15 we discussed the Pride and Prejudice movies and the shows on PBS. A lively discussion concentrated on the many interpretations of Elizabeth Bennett's evening with the Bingley family and Mr Darcy.