Members Meeting - May 12 2012

Great Exhibition on Pastimes and Progress 

Our May gathering was a celebration of all things Regency. Many of our members shared their expertise to an eager audience. Catherine began with an entertaining account of the life and times of the Prince-Regent. Judith illustrated her talk on Regency architecture with a beautiful powerpoint and stories from her recent trip to India. Stuart and Ann Marie developed a fascinating insight into science and technology during the time. Ann gave a spirited talk on religion in Regency England and led an informative discussion on the topic.

Our tea was a refreshing elderflower water and dainties. Then the floor was open to a less formal "exhibition", Emma-style, whereby each of us was challenged to share one very interesting, two moderately interesting or three very dull pieces of information regarding either Jane Austen or the Regency era.

Our Bring and Buy was very successful, with everyone finding some Austen-themed trinket to take home. Finally, a new group of leaders was selected. We thank Catherine, Helen and Ann Marie for their excellent guidance and look forward to what Ann, Amber and Ann Marie organize in the future.