Annual Tea - Jan 17 2015

Tea with Mr. Darcy

What could be better for a Jane Austen aficionado than tea with Mr. Darcy? Absolutely nothing! JASNA Calgary guests and members gathered at Sunalta Community Centre on January 17 to find Mr. and Mrs. Fitzwilliam Darcy waiting to greet them. The celebrities allowed a personal portrait, complete with a selection of fashionable hats. Guests were then invited to purchase raffle tickets and peruse the final plans for the first formal dinner given at Pemberley after the Darcy marriage. Once all guests were assembled, they were invited to partake of various delights including miniature scones, an assortment of cheeses, pickled cucumbers and onions, Leslie's decadent bread pudding, and steaming cups of fragrant tea. Scattered amongst lively conversation, were readings by Sir Walter Scott, Samuel Johnson, and Jane Austen at fifteen on the History of England. 


After tea, Sprigged Muslin delighted all in attendance with their dancing, which is of course, "one of the first refinements of polished societies." They demonstrated the intricacies of Mutual Love, Mr. Beveridge's Maggot, The Alderman's Hat, and the Durham Reel. Interested participants were then invited to join in and learn the Reel. There were a pleasing number of couples allowing for three full sets on the dance floor.

The tea ended all too quickly, and we must all wait another year for the most excellent celebration. Many thanks to all who helped make this day possible.