Annual Tea - January 21 2017


Tea on the High Seas - 2017 January 21

On a beautiful sunny day, Calgary JASNA members gathered together for "Tea on the High Seas" in celebration of Jane's birthday and the 200th anniversary of the publishing of Persuasion. The afternoon was filled with delicious food, games, raffles, and lots of laughter. We started off with tea, sandwiches and scones.

After everyone had been filled to the brim, we enjoyed a trivia game called "Race to Captain Wentworth" in which each table was required to correctly answer the trivia questions based on Persuasion and Jane Austen's life.

A correct answer put the wind in the sails of the boat on the game board and would move that table's boat forward by one space. Near the end of the game, we were advised that one of the boats apparently capsized and sunk, much to the amusement of all.

After the game we were treated to some raffle prizes, and some even got lucky enough to have their pick at two raffle prizes!


Sprigged Muslin flawlessly performed three navel-themed dances that looked very intricate. Everyone was invited to join in for the customary group dance which was, as usual, great fun!

A special thank you to Ruth and to Sprigged Muslin for their exemplary dancing and entertainment! The perfect afternoon was capped off by delicious cake and a toast to Jane.

A spectacular afternoon was enjoyed by all. Thank you to everyone who donated their time and/or raffle items to make for yet another successful annual tea.