Jane Country

Has your love of Jane Austen ever inspired you to take the trip to England and visit the world she so eloquently described? Many of our members have, and you can find their travel diaries and essays here, along with travel tips and tour suggestions.

If you’ve already made the journey, consider sharing your experiences with the group and adding to the richness of these travel stories by sharing them with others.

Need even more inspiration? Novelist, Charlie Lovett recounts his idyllic visit to Steventon and Chawton in the New York Times article, Seeking Inspiration in Jane Austen's World". Lovett is the author of a new novel and tribute to Jane Austen, First Impressions.


Jane Austen’s House Museum - Chawton

Jane Austen’s House Museum - Chawton


Travel Photos and guides

Many of our JASNA members have travelled to England to visit the sites that Austen lived at or was inspired by. The main attractions are Bath, where she lived as a young woman, Chawton where she wrote four of her novels, and Winchester where she is buried. 

One of JASNA Calgary’s members was gracious enough to share her travel notes based on a three day excursion enjoying Austen sites in Bath, Winchester and Chawton. Additionally, you can check out the following Orange County Register article on travel tips featuring other Austen sites like Steventon and Portsmouth.

When visiting London be sure to take in the National Gallery, where Cassandra's portrait of Jane is hung, or perhaps take in the British Library treasures room which often displays one or two of Jane's manuscripts as well as her writing desk and eye glasses.

Let our JASNA member travel photos inspire you to take a trip to Jane Country.





It was a sweet view - sweet to the eye and the mind. English verdue, English culture, English comfort, seen under a sun bright, without being oppressive.
— Emma, Emma