Regency Dance

Are you interested in learning Regency dances and helping bring this era back to life through music and dance? Or perhaps you would like to see these historical dances live for a chance to experience living history. The Sprigged Muslin Dance Group of Calgary, along with Dance Mistress, Ruth Steven are happy to welcome you whatever your level of ability or interest. They welcome beginners and seasoned dancers alike to share in the spirit of Regency dance.



The Sprigged Muslin Dance Group

Dancers are often members of JASNA Calgary, but everyone is welcome. We dance mainly for our own pleasure, although we do perform for seniors groups, JASNA galas, etc. For performances we create costumes, and experienced members help with suggestions and sources.

The Opportunity

Sprigged Muslin is always seeking new members and no previous experience of any kind is required. In fact, enjoying laughter and camaraderie are the only qualifications. Practices are held monthly, in order to keep members on their toes. We meet to learn and practice on the fourth Monday of each month, at Prairie Sky Co-housing at 100 - 403 31 Ave NE. If a performance is in the offing, we agree on a more frequent schedule to polish our dances.


The Dances

Jane Austen’s novels have always shown how dancing played a pivotal role in both courtship and family entertainment during the Regency era. Here are few websites and links to help you get started in learning the dances, music, and even etiquette of the time.

The UK based Regency Dances is a great starting point for those interested in the regency dance form. They list dances, discuss the history and etiquette of the style, and most importantly share dance animations of the dance steps.

The Jane Austen Centre in Bath provides a good description on Regency dance in general, of how to dance Mr. Beveridge’s Maggot, and famed Regency dance master John Playford.

The US based Country Dance and Song Society (CDSS) offers a rich source of Regency steps and music. English country dance resources include links to articles, basic figures, and style comparisons. Written instructions are available via PDF and are accompanied by videos to help learners visualize the form and familiarize themselves with the music.

The Australian based Earthly Delights website includes listings for books and CDs of Regency era dancing as well as information on their dance group and musicians.

Of course Youtube is a great source of dances and music for beginners including the Galliard, Branle, and Minuet to name a few.

The Fashion

Who doesn’t like a good frock? Costumes are both welcome and encouraged as part of the Sprigged Muslin experience.

Like all arts, dancing evolves. The movies we have all enjoyed so much have unfortunately blurred the meaning of Regency Dancing. Hone your knowledge of the fashion dictates in Jane Austen's time. Real Regency Dancers Don't Turn Single

To be fond of dancing was a certain step towards falling in love.
— Narrator, Pride and Prejudice