Members Gala - June 13 2009

2009 Gala: Husbands, Warfare and Dancing

Our Gala on June 13 was an all day affair with about fifty Jane Austen fans discussing Husbands, Warfare and Dancing as seen through the perceptive lenses of Jane Austen and our distinguished speakers. 

  • Dr. Nora Stovel picked up the famous statement by Mr. Knightley, "Brother and Sister! No, Indeed!" to illustrate the transformation of friendship into courtship. She also launched Jane Austen Sings the Blues, her book that pays tribute to her husband, the late Dr. Bruce Stovel, an admired Jane Austen scholar and lover of the blues.

  • Dr Rowland McMaster delivered his talk, "War, Gore and Much, Much, More: The Battle of Trafalgar with Allusions to Jane and Francis Austen". He used many historical stories and pictures to increase our understanding of history that so influenced Jane Austen's brothers. Francis, missed Trafalgar under orders from Nelson, but he eventually became Admiral of the Fleet, the highest rank in the navy. Rowland McMaster is Professor Emeritus, University of Alberta,

  • Dr Juliet McMaster entertained us with her approach to "Categorising the Husbands", such as the lover, the brother, and the father types. How many of us categorised our own loved ones?


With a dance floor of "good proportions", Pat Barton and Sprigged Muslin gave all our members a chance to dance simple Regency dances, just like in the movies. Sprigged Muslin also showed several more complicated dances that impressed on-lookers. An option many others enjoyed was a quiz based on Jane Austen and her novels.