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September Meeting

Our September meeting will be on September 27, not the third Saturday as usual. (The hall is undergoing renovations.)

Elizabeth and company will entertain us with her latest play, "Lady Susan: a Savoury Parody of the 18th Century Female Rake".

Themes for 2014 - 2015

We look forward to this full suite of meeting themes.
  • September 27 - Lady Susan: a Savoury Parody of the 18th Century Female Rake

  • November 15 - The Quintessential Regency Dinner - JASNA Style

  • January 17 - Tea with Mr. Darcy

  • March 21 - Medicine in Jane's Time

  • May 9 - Physical Fitness in Jane's Novels

Austen Economics

Who could doubt that Jane Austen understood the hard lessons of money, usually too little? Shannon Chamberlain, in The Atlantic magazine, expounds on The Economics of Jane Austen.

JASNA Essay Contest Winners

The results of the annual JASNA Essay Contest for students have been announced. Our member Judith is a judge for the contest. She particularly recommends The Solution of Silence: The Character of Mary Crawford in Mansfield Park. This essay gives us an unusual perspective on Mary Crawford - she has more depth than we sometimes credit her.

Watch Your Words!

Computers have made literary context analysis much easier. Professor Mary Forest and some students have developed an app for word origin analysis in English language literature. Her inspiration came from noticing over many years that pompous characters in Jane Austen's novels spoke with more Latinate language, showing the deliberation of Austen and other great authors in creating their works. We can use the app for analyzing our own writing, too. Read more in this Forbes article.

Jane Austen's Likeness

The Jane Austen Centre engaged a forensic scientist to create a facial reconstruction of Jane Austen from contemporary descriptions. The model has now been unveiled. Her family sees the ressemblance.

Regular Meetings

JasnaCalgary is a region of the Jane Austen Society of North America. We are all interested in everything Jane, from love of her novels to scholarly pursuits. Five times a year we meet to enjoy talks, workshops, teas, and galas. Attend a meeting and if you have fun, join in! Membership is $15.00 annually to cover our tea and cakes and other expenses.

Only a few special events require pre-paid tickets, such as the annual Tea celebrating Jane Austen's birthday and our bi-annual Gala.

On the Family page, members can access additional information with a password.

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September 27 meeting update
JASNA Essay Contest winners announced
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